BonXai Specification (Draft)

BonXai Specification (pdf)

BonXai jEdit Plugin

BonXai Plugin (jar)

The source code is available on GitLab.

There is a maven repository with snapshot builds at

BonXai Installation

1. Install jEdit

2. Copy the plugin (above) to the jEdit plugin folder

3. Launch jEdit

BonXai Plugin Usage

The BonXai features are avialable from the BonXai plugin menu:

register Schema: this function parses a schema. This is necessary after performing changes. Schemas are parsed automatically on load.

convert Schema: converts a BonXai schema to XML Schema and vice versa. If a schema of the target type is already loaded for the target namespace, the schema is updated.

validate XML: validates an XML file to a loaded schema. The corresponding schema is selected automatically using the namespace. If an XML file uses several namespaces, it will be validated against all available schemas.

highlight correspondances: ctrl+clicking some BonXai rule, XML Schema type, XML element or declaration inside a BonXai rule or XML Schema type highlights correspondances in all loaded documents and schemas. E.g. clicking on an XML element will highight the onXai rule used to validate the element and the declaration of the element in the BonXai rule matching the parent of the selected element. In the same way, the XML Schema type is highlighted, when an XML Schema is present.

Links to XML Schema Documents

To support the motivation for the BonXai schema language, we performed a practical study on XML Schema documents. To this end, we crawled the Web and found an extensive list of Schema documents, which we used for our study. Here we provide links to the XML Schema documents we found. The two files below are (1) the raw set of links to .xsd-files that we found and (2) a cleaned version of the list of schemas that were still reachable in May 2017. Furthermore, the cleaned list does not contain duplicate schemas.



These sets of URLs are free for everyone to use. We only ask that, if you use them, you acknowledge their source (bib file).